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Fahsai at the Camillian Children’s Home is just one of many child sponsorship success stories. She came from a family entangled in drug abuse, unable to walk. We gave her a home, food, clothing and an education. Most important of all we have shown her someone cares and given her hope for the future. Physical therapy has given her increased mobility and now there is hope that one day Fahsai will walk. A life changed all thanks to child sponsorship.


Whilst Thailand is not a poor country millions of people, including children and vulnerable young people, live in desperate poverty - struggling to cope with little hope of a normal childhood.


The Thai Children’s Trust are involved in projects in Pattaya, Rayong and Nong Khai, as well as the south and west of the country. We provide valuable support to orphanages, we help children’s homes become self sufficient by growing their own food, we provide medical services, especially to children with HIV and we are also setting new standards of care for children with disabilities in Thailand.

How much does it cost?

Sponsorship costs $30 each month. We guarantee that at least 70% of this money goes to the project which cares for your child, 30% is spent on research and on finding new donors.

How are children selected?

Children are recommended for sponsorship by their project heads and are usually proud to be chosen to represent their home. We generally avoid finding sponsors for children who might go back to live with their parents or relatives, or children who may be adopted.

How long does my sponsorship last?

Sponsorship is a relationship, not a contract, and you can therefore stop anytime. But we hope that you will see your child through to university, if they stay the course that long, and that when they fledge and leave the nest, you will want to continue with another child in need of your help. You will have access to a gallery of photos and updates on the supporters’ area of our website.


When you sponsor a child you will receive twice yearly updates on your sponsored child so you can follow their progress through life and see how the love and care they receive, thanks to your support, sets them up for life. We’ll send you a welcome pack with information about what we do and a photo of your child.

Can I visit?

Visitors are always welcome at all the homes where sponsored children live. But some words of caution. Please make arrangements in advance so that you can be sure of actually meeting your sponsored child. There are no prizes for travelling half way around the world to find your child is at school or away on a trip. Your time with your sponsored child cannot be entirely private, there will always be an adult companion present.

If visiting is important to you, you may prefer to choose a project which is easily accessible from Bangkok - sponsoring at projects on the borders of Thailand can involve an extra day of travel each way.

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